For power users and developers. Use it for batch domain lists downloads.

Send simple GET-request to

API requires an active PRO plan subscription!


Request format


  • If everything is correct, API returns:
    • for domains lists: the requested list in plain text format (1 domain per line)
    • for domains + DNS lists: the requested list with domain name and pipe delimited DNS servers: domain.tld, DNS1|DNS2|DNS3|etc.
  • In case of error you'll get an error description in plain text:
    • Incorrect username or password
    • Paid subscription required
    • Incorrect list type
    • Incorrect zone id

  • Limits & warnings

    • API requires an active subscription (PRO plan)
    • You can call API methods a maximum of 3000 times per day
    • Some of the domain lists are really HUGE. The size of the 'all-in-one' zone file is about 3 Gb.



    • YOUR_LOGIN - your login on DOMAINLISTS.IO (usually your email address)
    • YOUR_PASSWORD - your password on DOMAINLISTS.IO

    LIST_TYPE (list types):

    • full - full list of domains
    • new - list of new (added today) domains (for generic zones only)
    • deleted - list of deleted (removed today) domains (for generic zones only)
    • fulldns - full list of domains + DNS
    • newdns - list of new (added today) domains + DNS (for generic zones only)
    • deleteddns - list of deleted (removed today) domains + DNS (for generic zones only)

    List all currently available TLDs with stats

    • You can list all the currently supported TLDs in our database with statistics like:
    • Total Websites, New Websites, Deleted Websites, ID of TLD and TLD name

    • Endpoint:

    • Note: you can list just Top 5 TLDs per category by passing querystring like:

    ZONE_CODE (domain TLD IDs):

    TLD name
    ALL DOMAINSall_zones


    Typical API call example:[email protected]/MySecretPsw/

    This returns a list of deleted .COM domains (534 is the code for .com zone, check the table above) using user account [email protected] with password MySecretPsw.

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