Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you offer email addresses, phone number and WHOIS information?

Our lists contain only domain names. We do not provide any whois/contact information.

What format is the list delivered in?

All lists are text files compressed with gzip. Unzip them with the Windows/Linux unzipper or download 7zip (it's faster). You can also access lists via the API. Instructions are here.

What Top Level Domains are included in the list?

Generic top-level domains (gtlds) such as .com, .net or .org.

Country code top-level domains (cctlds) such as .au, .us, .io ,…

How many domains do you have on the list and how big are the files?

Our lists contain over 253,000,000 unique domain names. Depending on the selected TLD they can be as big as 1.5 GB to few MBs.

How often are the domains being updated?

gTLDs are updated once per day before 10AM CST

ccTLDs are updated at least once per month

Our top-level zone lists are all checked, cleaned up and contain unique domains only

Do you have an API?

Yes, We offer API Access on some packages, We have a powerful domain API you can use it to download any required zone files with direct link, without logging into our website.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently use Stripe to allow all major credit cards.

I lost my password, how can I reset it?

You can reset your password here by providing the email address that was used during your signup process.

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Do you have a question that was not answered in this page?

Please contact us at [email protected] or on Live Chat with any questions or concerns that you might have.