We are now DOMAINLISTS.IO and have a New Site

Is it just me or the old look was getting really boring? Well, considering a large quantity of you (who are not using the API) had to deal with it in day to day basis, we decided to improve the looks a little bit.

While keeping the navigation and functions relatively similar we wanted to design the frontend to be in par with the improvements we made on the backend. Also the name “” was kind of hard to be used in normal conversation.

- So where do you work now?

I work for





- Dubi doobi doo?


- Why don’t you call it something like

Genius. Consider it done :)

And that’s how we decided to change the name of this site.

Check out our daily updated lists of domains lists of domains or purchase the domain list API access.

Posted 2017-10-27
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Country Code Domain Algorithm Expanded

It all started a few months ago when we found a way to optimize our algorithm for cctlds to capture even more domains, but at the time we were not sure if the old hardware could handle the increase in load. We knew there is going to be an improvement, we just didn’t know by how much and we didn’t know if it is worth investing in new hardware to compensate for the increase in load. But now that we are on the new hardware we figured “let's pull the bandage” and take the new expanded Algorithm for a spin.

So what was the result? Let’s say way better than our expectations.

I’ll let the numbers do the talking now. Just check out our list of ccTLDs .

For some TLDs we have more than 30% improvement in quantity of domains.

Posted 2017-10-01
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New Nameserver Endpoints in API

You asked - we delivered.

Nameserver Endpoints are now available via API on all Pro plans with API access.

How to get them? It’s easy just follow the Instructions in our API documentations .

Posted 2017-09-18
News Improvement

Credit card processing now by Stripe & new pricing

Many of you asked us to provide an option to pay via credit or debit card instead of Paypal subscriptions.

We listened, As of today all new accounts will be on Stripe payment processing service. It gives us a better control over resolving your billing issues and provides you with a faster and easier option to pay for your services.

We have also taken the initial steps to improve our stability and TLD coverage by expanding our cluster of servers, signing deals with registrars to provide more updated lists and hiring more staff to improve our product.

With making all these changes, our cost of operation has increased and that is why we had to increase the prices on new sign-ups . But If you signed up for a lower price don’t worry. We have grandfathered in your deal and your pricing will not change as long as your account is in good standing .

Posted 2017-09-15
News Story Improvement

New Live Chat!

We just launched our new chat system to help you instantly with your questions .

So If you have an issue don’t hesitate to contact us.

Posted 2017-09-01
News Improvement

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